About The Teacher

Hi! My name is Kellie. I'm so glad you're interested in learning more about art! I have been passionate about the arts since childhood. 

I love creating, but more importantly, teaching others how to channel their own creativity through art. 

Most people think that artists are only born with talent; I believe that anyone can improve their skills with the right teacher, passion, and a lot of practice. 

My experiences in art range from student, to teacher, to admirer, advocate and museum professional. Whatever you want to learn about art, I can help you get there.

I grew up in California and moved to Utah to attend BYU (Art Education / Communications 2011). I met my husband here and worked for two years at the Springville Museum of Art as an art teacher. I left Provo for a little while, but am back now with more art teaching experience and a renewed passion for bringing the arts to Utah.

Check out my credentials here. 

Some of my favorite artists include Norman Rockwell, Janine Antoni, Vincent Van Gogh, and Mark Dion.

I love pop culture, reading, graphic design, swimming and planning adventures. 

Here I am hiking the narrows in Zion National Park!

My husband and I on our honeymoon in Mexico. 

 Getting some candy from a piece of art at the MoMA in New York!

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