My Teaching/Art Experience

* I am a college educated, certified art teacher (K-12). 

* I took private art lessons from ages 8-18, then studied art and art education at BYU.

* For two years I worked as an art teacher at the Springville Museum of Art. I taught art in schools and summer art camps, ran art projects at the museum and co-curated an interactive children's exhibition. 

* I have taught art lessons in over 150 schools in Utah (I ran SMA's art outreach program).

* I studied art in Italy with BYU in 2008.

* I was a contracted consultant for a local art studio.

* I have served on two art advocacy boards in Utah.

* I was BYU's National Art Education Association student chapter publicity chair. 

* I have been teaching private art lessons since May 2013.

*Most recently I taught at an art academy as an instructor.

* I love art!

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