What do you want to learn?

* Beginning and Intermediate Students
* observational drawing
* figure drawing
* composition (how to make a piece of art look "complete")
* watercolor skills (or, how to elevate your painting above 3rd grade)
* collage
* mixed media
* sketchbooking
* art history (everything, including contemporary art)
* Adobe suite
* screen printing
* 3D 
* elements and principles
* graphic design
* blog design and layout
* portfolio revue
* children's art parties (I will provide a personalized art activity for a group of children)

You name it, and I can probably teach it to you.

Each artist has different preferences when it comes to medium, style and artistic focus. I want to help you get where you want to go! We can set up an initial 30-minute meeting to determine what you'd like to learn and what materials you need to purchase. You can bring art you've made or show me styles you appreciate, and we can make a general plan for what you want to get out of private lessons. 

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