Private Art Lessons

Private art lessons are offered for beginning and intermediate students. I can teach you or your child basic art skills, art history, techniques, and how to think and create like an artist. These lessons are great if you are interested in honing your art skills, learning how to express your creativity, need an art tutor to improve your portfolio or help you study for that art history exam, or just want a a great experience with a nice and competent teacher.

Lessons will be held once a week, and curricula is personalized to each student's needs and wants (basically, you tell me generally what you would like to get out of art lessons, and I will design lessons to help you get there). Schedule, length of class and venue (your home or mine) may be determined once you sign up for lessons. 

1 hour of private art instruction is $20 per student. If you have more than one child, the fee is $15 per student. If you would like me to come to your home and teach, that can be arranged for an extra fee. If you come to my home, the travel fee does not apply.

Typically, all supplies are expected to be purchased by the student. I can give recommendations on the best supplies to buy and the best places to buy them. If you would like me to purchase supplies for you, the supplies will be included in your weekly bill. 

Please contact me at kelliemrowland(at)gmail(dot)com to set up lessons.

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