Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Since the last time I updated, I have added an art student and have the possibility of 2 more! I'm excited to be growing the business little by little as I work full-time. Teaching art is one of the best parts of my week (besides Saturday morning snuggles with my dachshund puppy, Bruce).

It's fun to teach different students, too. My first art student has just finished a Reflections entry of Mahatma Gandhi. He came up with the idea himself, and I helped him execute it. Before that he was working on a graphic novel based on Spiderman. We came up with an entire story, and he's working on that on his own time now! Now we're moving on to masks. We figured out how to make paper mache masks out of foil. I can't wait to see how his Joker mask turns out.

My other student just started a few weeks ago. She love manga, but wanted to learn more about how to draw people realistically. We have practiced drawing parts of the body. Last week she made a super realistic eye and we're going to practice face proportions together.

I'm having a blast!

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