Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Typical First Art Lesson

So you live in Utah Valley, you're interested in taking private art lessons, you've found this site, and you're excited to start taking lessons. Now what? 

Email me!

When a parent or student emails me to ask about lessons, I typically ask questions like...

What are you hoping to get out of private art lessons?
What kind of art skills do you already have?
Are you beginning, intermediate, or advanced?
What type of art interests you the most?
How often would you like to receive art lessons?

Once I get a feel for what the student wants, we set up a time to have our first one-hour art lesson. I live in Provo, and I usually prefer for students to come to my apartment (that way I can teach more classes in a row, which makes me available for more students like you!) 

Before our session, I'll use answers to the above questions to help me design a first lesson. Each art lesson can be tweaked to best serve your interests and abilities! When I teach, I usually practice right alongside my student, so they can see exactly what I'm talking about. At each lesson, I will ask you what you're interested in learning the next time we meet. This helps me plan lessons that are student-centered and more interesting for you!

Some students start off wanting to learn more about painting, then realize they need drawing skills before they can move forward, so we start focusing on that first. Some students start off wanting to learn basic skills, but realize they want to move towards making complete works of art, so we start learning the elements and principles that make a piece of art look good and complete.

Some students may just want me to come up with fun art projects and show them how to do it. That's fine, too! Art lessons can be whatever you want them to be! 

Email me at kelliemhardin(at)gmail(dot)com for questions and to set up sessions.

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