Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Artist: Hung Liu

Hung Liu
Lade Gege, 2010
mixed media

I simply cannot get enough of this painting. What don't I love? I love her eyebrows, and her lips, that gorgeous monstrosity on her head?! Can we talk about the bird? It reminds me of that part in the Sex + the City movie where Carrie puts a blue bird on her head as a replacement for her wedding veil. What started off as a simple wedding turned into this gaudy, boisterous affair at the NY public library with a crazy dress and gorgeous decorations. After she gets left at the altar and is processing what that feels like, she reflects on how the wedding plans got out of hand. 

"I put a BIRD...on my HEAD."

That was honestly my first thought. 

I love that a piece of art can become so much more than paint on a surface. I enjoy finding connections to my personal life that the artist would never think about, like a movie I obsessed over three years ago.

First raw impressions: 

The pink part looks like cotton candy. 
I wonder what purpose that hat serves.
Who is this girl?
Whoever she is, she can definitely pull this look off.
I wish I were brave enough to wear, truly, whatever I wanted. 
Walking with a huge hat on your head must feel similar to walking in five-inch heels.
I bet you can't play soccer in that outfit. 
Does she want to play soccer? Or is she happy with the hat?
Where on earth would you wear that?
I want to be brave like her.

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