Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gallery Drawing: Cool Story, Bro

The Spring Salon is up at the museum this summer! SS is my favorite show because it features current art from artists throughout Utah. Our museum is pretty traditional, so it's great to see new art coming in for this show. While my co-worker teaches her class, I get to follow them around and TA for her (and vice versa). Since I'm basically there in case of emergency, I get to draw in the galleries when the kids draw. 

Drawing from actual, real-life art is a great drawing exercise. Not only does it hone your drawing skills, but it gives you the chance to really notice the nuances that go into each artist's style. I picked this painting to copy because I liked the mix of realism and abstraction. I took the liberty to change some stuff; I didn't like the checkers so I added this phrase instead...


  1. Who is this artist? I saw him last time I was at the Museum for the Spring Salon and I can't remember his name...I realllly like his stuff though! Great job on the drawing.

  2. Oh man I totally forgot his name! Sorry.